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Hassle-free Withdrawal
HyperCard allows you to withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide in the local currency. For CNY withdrawals, the daily limit is 1000 euros, and the monthly limit is 3000 euros. If the withdrawal limit is reached and you continue to withdraw CNY, the card will restrict deposit and may be frozen. Please use the card within the withdrawal limits. Online and offline purchases are not subject to these limits.
Global Payments
As a global standard prepaid card, HyperCard supports linking with third-party payment companies. In the EU region, there are no transaction fees for purchases. Every payment made with HyperCard is secure, and your transaction privacy is protected by law. Deposit your digital currency and enjoy global payments at over 176 countries and 50 million merchants worldwide.
Simple Application
Applying for a HyperCard is easy and the approval process is fast. There are no KYC fees involved. Once your digital currency is deposited to HyperCard, it can be instantly converted to fiat currency, eliminating the hassle of complicated processes and cash payments.
Fast Deposit
HyperCard offers fast and secure exchange and deposit services between crypto and fiat currencies. Currently, HyperCard supports 23+ mainstream cryptocurrencies for depositing, including BTC, ETH, USDT, and more.
High Rebates
The higher your VIP level, the more benefits you will enjoy, including lower deposit fees, current account earnings, and referral commissions from inviting friends. For more details, please refer to the rebate interface.
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How many can I buy?

We do not limit the quantity of purchases, but one passport can only authenticate one card.

How to bind and activate a physical card?

After receiving your physical card, follow the steps below to activate your card. 1. Download the HyperPay APP: https://hyperpay.io/app_down 2. Log in to the app and click on "HyperCard" to access the credit card page. 3. Click on "One-Click Card Binding" and follow the prompts to enter the envelope number and bank card number. 4. Submit your passport information and wait for verification. 5. Once the verification is approved, your card will be ready for use. For detailed instructions, please refer to: https://onchain-introduce.hyperpay.online/onekey/index.html#/?lang=en

Who can apply for a physical card?

Physical cards can only be applied for using a passport. Users from the following countries or regions are currently not eligible to apply for a physical Mastercard: Mainland China, Belarus, Cuba, North Korea, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Myanmar, Haiti, Iran, Libya, Russia, Syria, Somalia, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson, and Crimea. Users from all other countries and regions can apply for a physical Mastercard using their passport.

What HyperCard can do?

a. Receive, store, exchange BTC, ETH, USDT and other currencies b. Withdraw cryptocurrency to your personal bank account c. Use crypto currency to pay in daily life

How can I deposit? When will the depositarrive?

Open HyperPay App, enter the HyperCard page, and you can select the applied card to deposit. The currencies currently supported for deposit include btc,eth,usdt,usdc,bnb,xrp,doge,busd,dot,shib,ltc,bch,nuls,ada,sol,avax,matic,uni,dai, and more will be supported in the future. Automatic deposit, usually within 15 minutes.

Can HyperCard be linked to the Internet platform for consumption?

HyperCard supports the use of most Internet platforms, but those platforms need to support VISA and MasterCard payment. If there is any unsuccessful payment, you can contact customer service for help by providing the screenshot, card type, and the card issuing email.
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