Never Connect Internet, Assets Are Safer

A cold wallet that supports offline mode, is as safe as the hardware wallet, and is easier to send transactions

New Beginning of Cold Wallet - HyperKey
Never Connect Internet, Assets Are Safer


Unavailable when connceting wifi or mobile network
Pure offline mode signature

Mnemonic words

Support Chinese, English and Korean
Support mnemonic password protection

Wallet interaction

Interact via encrypted QR code
Double confirmation of transaction information during transfer
Offline wallet and Information wallet
Information wallet is a wallet that can check asset status in real time by importing a public address or public key, without mnemonics and private keys.
Offline wallet is a wallet used in networkless environment. Also known as cold wallet, it is the most secure way to store cryptocurrencies, with only the basic operations of offline signing and address checking.
Use one device which turns off the network or switches to Flight mode, to open HyperKey offline wallet, and install the latest version of HyperPay with another device, by scanning the QR code of the Information Wallet of HyperKey offline wallet, can quickly create an Information Wallet
Signature function in offline mode
The offline wallet never connecting the Internet, is a cold wallet in the true sense, and is used in conjunction with the Information Wallet. The two wallet can interact through the QR code information, to make the offline wallet transaction be safely transmitted. The basic process is as follows:
Initiate the transaction in Information Wallet (a wallet to view the asset status in real time and initiate a valid transaction request), generate the QR code to be signed
Scan with the offline wallet, enter the trading password for protecting the transaction, and generate a signed QR code to be broadcast
Scan with the offline wallet, check and confirm the information, and send to the network
Your Wallet, You Decide
The offline wallet is completely used in a non-network environment, which only needs an idle equipment. As safe as a hardware wallet and more economic